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Teaching young people – toddlers to teens.  Or children with anxiety, trauma, SEN, Autism or ADHD.

robbie and jess cover - mindfulness book for kids with trauma boy hugging dog cartoonOur most recent release

…meet Jess, the Mindful Dog  who  helps  kids  with  trauma

A little review  *****+
“Oh my goodness.  This is the best book I’ve read in ages. 
I actually cried at the ending because of what Jess had done for Robbie. How can a book be this good?” 

K (age 11)

review of Robbie and Jess book teaching kids meditation - connected kids

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“Having dealt with high anxiety for much of my life, I have been overjoyed to find that meditation helps me to feel safe and calm, and to think clearly to distinguish between imagined threats and real threats. It has allowed me to open myself up to new experiences and to let go of the idea that if I can’t be perfect, I shouldn’t bother to try. My oldest son has demonstrated similar qualities since he was a toddler – he has been more than a little hesitant to try new things and slow to make friends. Like any good mom, I turned to the internet for help  I was lucky to find Lorraine’s first book, Calm Kids. I loved the book so much that I decided to sign up for her course to teach meditation to children. Calm Kids is a great resource, but Lorraine’s latest book, Connected Kids goes so much deeper.”
“This book truly is wonderful for the general population, but Lorraine’s detailed work on challenges that people with autism face and several specific balancing mindful activities make this the best book that I have seen for helping kids feel their best. For example, if a child cannot tolerate the food on his plate, she suggests practicing a gratitude meditation before eating where the caregiver and child explore the journey of the food to the plate (imagine the food growing as a plant and thanking sun, soil, water, as well as the farmer who cared for it, etc.) Kids become less afraid of unfamiliar foods and textures as they think about the effort involved in getting the food from a seed in the ground all the way to their plates – I’ve seen this work in my own home!”
“I love this book. I have been teaching yoga to students with special needs for the past 10 years (self taught ). I have done 2 certificates in kids yoga but found that my knowledge surpassed a lot of people I met. Our school has taken on student wellbeing and when I found this book I was so excited. It has deepened my understanding and allowed me to pass on to the students activities that will help them regulate. I have seen the change in many students over the past 18 months and know that I will continue to see development in all my students, even if it is minor….it is major for them.”

Calm Kids

This book will walk you through, step-by-step, to create meditations that your kids, of all ages, will love.  This book is the basis of our foundation course ogirl being mindful with apple - calm kids book covern the Connected Kids programme.

  • inspirational and practical guidance on how to lead fun and
    peaceful relaxation sessions with children
  • good for children with behavioural and developmental
    disorders such as ADHD
  • provides a range of activities for all children, from toddlers
    to teenagers, for use in the home or classroom
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Also available in Estonian and Dutch

Connected Kids

connected kids book cover - boy looking through handsIn this book you will discover a detailed meditation ‘toolkit’ of practices and ideas that we have successfully used with all young people but especially SEN – including autism and ADHD.  This is a textbook for our professional training course.

  • practical, inspirational guide
  • skills to lead calming relaxation sessions with children and teens on the spectrum or with anxiety
  • variety of activities suitable for all ages; toddlers to teenagers
  • easily implemented into a busy home/classroom setting.
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If you are a translator, or book publisher, who is interested in translating any of our books into different languages, please get in touch.  We have a worldwide training programme based on the books, with thousands of followers.

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