For qualified registered CK Tutors only

  • Create a loyal client following using social media
  • Build long lasting connections with new clients



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Start (or enhance) building your connections!

Social media is a free way to build your connections, your audience and future clients.

Connect to Social Media  

You can now add direct links to your social media from your Connected Kids Tutor profile – helping clients connect (and follow) your work.  This free introduction can bring clients and their contacts to your business!

Benefits to you …

  • Direct Social Media Links: This feature enhances your Connected Kids Tutor profile – connecting potential clients to your social media.
  • Help our clients find, like and follow you – unlock the power of social media by adding links to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. This additional tutor feature covers all four platforms.
  • Exclusive to Qualified Registered Tutors: To access this feature, you must be a qualified meditation teacher ALREADY listed on our Connected Kids Tutor register.
  • Timeframe: Once purchased, you have 24 months to provide your social media links via email. Take your time to gather the necessary information and make sure your profiles are ready to shine.
  • Build your followers – Connected Kids has thousands of followers.  Once you purchase we’ll follow you (just tag us) and from time to time we’ll share posts on our social media so our followers discover you!

It’s easy to arrange

After purchase, simply email your social media links (facebook, linkedin, twitter and instagram) and we’ll add these to your profile (and we’ll include a profile prompt for people to follow you).


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