Guide your kids to their inner calm

A mindful toolkit for parents/carers

This Inner Calm Toolkit Tutorial from the Connected Kids program gives you simple steps to creating mindful ideas to teach your child/teen some inner calm. 

Experience positive results from *proven ideas and suggestions that will guide you in understanding how meditation benefits children and young people in discovering their inner calm (and how to help them access mindful skills).

We’ll walk you through some simple activities that help you easily introduce this into family life!

Inner Calm Toolkit Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through

  • Simple ways to help children start being mindful,
  • How to encourage interest and participation from your children,
  • Common challenges and easy solutions
  • Tips to get started – for any level of experience
  • Lifetime access
  • Bonus – how to create a virtual, inner calm box – for teens
  • Bonus – a meditation script to help young people be mindful with technology

How does this help you?

It’s an easy (and *proven) first step for parents, carers and anyone who wants to help their children and teens learn skills and discover their inner calm to reduce anxiety and stress.

What does the Inner Calm Toolkit Tutorial involve?

The Inner Calm Toolkit Tutorial has 4 modules:

radio checked What is meditation? – perfect for the beginner or adults who have just started meditation

radio checked Simple ways to help children practise mindfulness in a busy home

radio checked Encouraging interest and participation! (especially if they won’t listen!)

radio checked Common challenges and solutions to helping young people self soothe – mindfully

The benefits!

radio checked reduce tantrums

radio checked reduce difficult behaviours

radio checked help children and teens communicate their worries and struggles more peacefully

How to get started…

  • The Inner Calm Toolkit Tutorial is lifetime cost of £99 (or £6.99/month subscription) (Please note you can change your currency)
  • You’ll have lifetime access to the tutorial (full purchase) or for as long as you need it (subscription)
  • It’s self study so once you purchase you simply follow the guidance notes and videos.
  • You can ‘ask an expert’ at any stage in the tutorial (email support) and we’ll give you help and advice along the way.

*Connected Kids has 20 years of experience helping adults teach all ages/abilities how to meditate – reducing anxiety and stress for thousands of families.

£6.99/month £99 Purchase