Meditación y Mindfulness para adolescentes

I was teaching our course last weekend in London and I was asked by one of the students if the course would suit him as he works with 16 to 18 year olds.  His school had looked at our website and thought it was only for younger children. It made me aware of 2 things. […]

Mindfulness para ayudar con el cambio

I’m reflecting on an interesting time I had teaching our level 1 course in London last weekend. I’ve taught there a few times before and it’s a lovely centre in north west London that helps kids with special need. I was teaching our Connected Kids level 1 course based on my book ‘Calm Kids – […]

Sesión gratuita en línea

We are holding a live, free on-line session with hints and ideas on how to teach kids meditation, plus an opportunity to ask Lorraine Murray (author of Calm Kids – help children relax with mindful activities) questions about teaching children. The event takes place live and online on … Friday 6th September at 8pm (GMT) […]

¿Padres felices = niños felices? Paternidad apegada

I was delighted to be asked to speak at the Happy Parenting summit (online) that started this week. It’s 25 experts from around the world giving advice  about a more happy parenting experience and the affect on their kids.  (My piece on teaching meditation to kids is on Friday 9th August 2013 but it’s recorded so […]

¿Necesito tener experiencia para enseñar meditación a los niños?

Somebody wrote something on this page that struck a chord with me.  There are many people, like us, who run courses that teach other how to teach kids mindfulness and meditation.  However some of them insist that the student learning to teach has lots of experience of mindfulness and meditation. I know that this seems […]

Consejos de viaje de meditación y atención plena para niños

I was visiting a friend the other day who was travelling to Australia with their baby daughter and who was concerned (naturally) about the long flight from the UK and how she would cope.  This prompted me to share a few ideas that might help you if you are worried about travelling and how we […]

Meditación gratuita para niños (y adultos el 21 de diciembre de 2012).

To celebrate the winter solstice and this amazing new year we are about to enter, we have teamed up with Arna Baartz from the I Am Program to offer you a free meditation for you and your children. The meditation is based on this beautiful picture of the chakras (energy centres) that can be useful […]

Tener desafíos y aprender de ellos ...

I have been teaching meditation for years now and all types of meditation are of interest to me.  I don’t believe there is only one way to meditate and that an individual has to find the way that works for them.  Children are the same – individuals – so if we bear this in mind […]

Cupcakes por la Paz!

Well this made picture made me smile!  They are Halloween ‘mummy’ cupcakes.  How creative! However it got me thinking.  To celebrate the upcoming launch of our Calm Kids online course which helps you learn how to teach children meditation – we are announcing a cupcake competition! If you can make a cupcake that helps us […]