Jess the dog helping kids with trauma

Thank you for taking a moment to pop in and find out more about Jess.  book cover - robbie and jess - mindful dog helps boy in care

Jess has spent the last 3 years writing this book to help kids with trauma, fostered or adopted – learn mindful skills.

She’s spent time with over 15 young people in foster care (aged 3 to 15) helping her owner (Lorraine Murray) be a foster mum.

She can feel the sadness, anger and loneliness that kids in care can feel.

So she wants them to learn mindfulskills – so they can connect to their hearts, to their inner compass and to trust in life.  She knows that if they can do that, they will move from surviving to thriving.

So this book is about her journey helping a boy called Robbie.

She hopes you’ll enjoy it and share with any kids you know.

We could all have a bit more compassion and understanding for kids like Robbie.

She hope that many kids will read it (and that way her mission of helping kids worldwide will be accomplished).

Thank you (woof).

How to get your copy of the book

Official release date is 1st Dec 2022 – but you can preorder:

Kindle version

Ebook (smashwords)

Paperback (Amazon) 


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