Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart

My personal meditation journey began in 1998 and after 6 months of daily practice, it lifted myself out of a meltdown, cured anxiety stomach cramps and reshaped a healthy lifestyle. Belief in the benefits of meditation has been deepening ever since. As a private tutor who works with children for more than 20 years, every step with a child is taken consciously and intuitively in a hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart manner. In meditation, let us revive our presence; in living, let breathing be a meditation.

It is our birthright to be happy unconditionally. When outer distractions are removed, sense of clarity and completeness immediately emerges. Upon creating a mediation time for your child,  you are supporting him/her to activate:

  • Cleansing—cluttered drama and emotions from around or within;
  • Anchoring—oneself in this ever-changing world;
  • Unlocking—true potentials that align with higher self.


Style = Regular meditation +  Tai Chi movement

Besides meditation with breathing, sound, humming and walking, simple Tai Chi movement is introduced whenever appropriate based on 20 years of practice. Such introduction can open up a door to non-static meditation; start integrating meditation into daily activities wherever, whenever calmness and awareness are needed.


Session available in English and Mandarin

Face-to-face and online sessions are available for children living locally or overseas. Each session is designed for individual needs and tuned to “Here and Now” with heartfelt guidance. Either as private or a group of two, welcoming children from 5 to 18.

“I loved Evelyn’s meditation class because it calms me down. I tried doing the things she taught me before I sleep and I had a much better sleep!” —Mimi, 10
Evelyn is a warm and dedicated meditation instructor. Her classes focus on children’s well-being and child-friendly. My son found meditation with Evelyn very calming. As a parent, I found it beneficial as he can find some peace and quiet moments to be with his inner self.”—KC


Let not meditation be mere sitting, yet the heart be again illuminating.


Certificate Date 05/10/2022
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