The heart speaks mindfully

I was really moved by this video.

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I think it speaks volumes about how we can raise awareness and how to help children be part of the conversation about the future.

With all my heart I believe that if we teach children meditation, they find that mindful voice just as Meghan Markle has done in this powerful video.

When a young person finds that voice within, it teaches us adults how to hear them from our heart, mindfully, as they shine their light on what needs to change in this world.

Sometimes I feel that meditation is simply perceived as being a  parenting or educational style to help kids feel calm and soothed (which it is),,, but it is also about helping young people identify a different perspective about issues in the world.

Meditation practice and the mindfulness listening of their main carers, helps children  (like Meghan Markle when she was 11) take heart-felt action instigating change that is of benefit to them and the community.

Mindfulness practice helps children to access their energy of kindness in the heart and gives it the voice to speak and be heard.

It helps children connect to the world in a way that assures them that every thought, every feeling and every action does matter. They have a choice of what that feeling, thought and action can be.

Thank you for teaching children and young people meditation and mindfulness.

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