I’m reflecting on an interesting time I had teaching our level 1 course in London
last weekend. I’ve taught there a few times before and it’s a lovely centre in north west London that helps kids with special need. I was teaching our Connected Kids level 1 course based on my book ‘Calm Kids – help children relax with mindful activities’. This course shows adults how to teach their kids meditation.

Changes I couldn’t control
3 days before I was due to go down, I accidentally learned that the centre was going into liquidation. It was a mixture of disbelief, fear and frustration that flooded through me. Part of me was heartfelt sorry that this had happened to a centre that did some great work. Part of me felt frustrated and concerned about whether the workshop would go ahead.

Fortunately the centre could honour our course. But the night before, I remember feeling slight trepidation at what it would be like entering a building that was no longer ‘active’. The energy of an environment is really important to me when teaching… I wanted to ensure it would still be a great learning experience for our students.

I decided to practise some mindfulness.

Mindfulness and the Breath
Every time I thought about the workshop/venue and concern came in (a tension in my tummy), I would take my attention to my breath and focus on calming and relaxing it. Even on the morning journey to the centre, I did the same.

It was amazing. Despite having this terrible situation, the centre was like an oasis of calm and everyone who came into the workshop could feel it. The owner (Jo – bless her) had done her very best to make it a lovely experience, even though she was having to close it down.

We had the most amazing teaching day – shared by some of the comments from the students (you can see below).

Even though I’ve been teaching this for years, it is amazing how awareness of our breath in a mindful way can really make a difference to how we feel and respond to changes we can’t control.

May you have a mindful day.


Lorraine Murray

Author of ‘Calm Kids – help children relax with mindful activities’>>>
Founder of the Connected Kids Programme>>>

“Thanks very much for last Friday, I enjoyed it immensely. I loved your calm and open style of teaching.. you very much practice what you preach and that is very powerful in terms of getting a message across.” ” CM

” I would recommend this course, because I think this is a skill that everyone, every parent, every person can just benefit from. As we are or will be in touch with children in many ways, and in many roles, and being able to give them the gift of meditation is something very special, and helps them live a healthier and happier life.” MM


Courses coming up in 2013

Level 1 
Edinburgh – 27th Oct – 4 left
New Zealand (auckland) – 2nd Nov – 4 left
Australia (adelaide) – 15th Nov – now full

Level 2 
London – 17th & 18th Oct – 1 left
Edinburgh – 5th & 6th Oct – 1 left
New Zealand (auckland) – 4 left book-now-star3
Australia (adelaide) – 16th & 17th Nov – 3 left

You can book online for any of these dates.


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