I’ve just heard from our publishers that the Calm Kids book is coming out in e-format!  I’m so excited (having just bought a Kindle… it’s great! I simply order a book and it’s there!  No waiting on the post or anything!)

First E-book…

Our publishers (Floris Books) are based in Edinburgh (in the UK) and have never ventured into the world of e-books before.  So they’ve chosen Calm Kids to be one of the first!  I hope it does well.


Calm Kids Online Course

The new e-book will really complement the online course which is currently being developed.  I’ve never produced an online course before so I’m trying to ensure it is interactive as possible – as if the book has come to life!  There will be video clips, exercises on mp3s for people to try as well as self assessment.  There will also be the option for follow up support through webinars (my new thing!) and 121 online support.

People taking the course will also need to purchase the book as it is required reading but now that it’s coming out in e-book format it will be so much easier!

Dates & Costs

We hope that the online course will be ready by the end of August/beginning of September 2012 at the latest.  If you want to be kept informed then please register your interest.

If you follow us on facebook or twitter or you want to join our mailing list then you can be kept up to date of when the e-book will be published.

I’m not sure what the cost will be for the e-book (hopefully cheaper than the paperback) and as for the online course, we’ll try to make it as accessible as possible.

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