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We are a “mom’s choice honoree” – silver award

What a great way to start the week!

Our online course based on the book Calm Kids (how you can teach kids meditation)moms_choice_honoree has been given the silver award by Mom’s Choice! Happy days!

Mom’s Choice is a worldwide organisation that honors excellence in family friendly media, products and services.

This is a big deal for us and we are so excited!  It is quite a process to apply for this award so after a few months we’ve been given the thumbs up.  We are so delighted and hope you can help us spread the word.  The more people in this world who teach children meditation, the greater the benefit for all.

Thanks for your help and support in all we do.  It’s really appreciated.

Thank you for joining us…

Thank you for visiting the website – we have just launched it today!

The reason for having this blog and website is to share and learn information that links to teaching children meditation and mindfulness.  The hope is that this website becomes a
hub of ideas, tips and resources that you (the adult) will look through to help you do this.

As this is naturally a website set up by me and my personal and professional interest in the subject, I will mention my book and any courses I offer on the subject of teaching children meditation.  However I’ll also share any tips or ideas from readers or students we’ve taught too.

ADHD and Autism

I have long felt that meditation and an awareness of energy would go a long way to helping children with ADHD or autism and their families and schools.  I’ve explored this in my book but again if I come across any useful info that could demonstrate a link or tips worth trying, then I’ll mention them here. Continue reading