Helping to calm young minds

My name is Sharon Lynch, and I am dedicated to guiding families toward peace, calmness, and well-being.
In my work, I focus on addressing a range of challenges in young people including fear, anxiety, anger tantrums, perfectionism, ungroundedness, sleep issues, and unexplained behaviours.

Under my professional guidance, young people can experience newfound relaxation and a sense of well-being which can lead to a happier family environment.

“I reached out to Sharon due to a very anxious and overthinking young teenager.  Sharon put her at ease very quickly and used various methods for promoting calmness which has eased her sense of panic several times now.  I would highly recommend Sharon”.

Claire Connelly 

My Heart-Centered Approach:

A Journey of Art, Meditation, and Connection

My approach is grounded in values that I hold dear: genuine compassion, a strong presence, calm intuition, creativity, and the provision of tailored tools.

My journey started with a degree in art, fuelled by a passion for meditation, and a natural ability to connect with children. These values and experiences shape the foundation of my work, enabling me to offer a unique and empathetic perspective to those I guide and support.

I am a certified and qualified in the following:

  • Connected Kids Meditation Teacher
  • Holistic Well-Being Through Movement Practitioner
  • Life Coaching
  • Children’s Yoga and Creative Mindfulness Teacher
  • Youth Drama Facilitator

What you can expect…

My services are dedicated to offering you the following assurance:

  • I create a welcoming and supportive space for your child’s journey.
  • I’ll help you with practical tools for your child’s daily routine and fun home practices.
  • I offer a confidential and trustworthy service.
  • I’ll guide your child with tools tailored to their interests, promoting peace and self-regulation.


“Thank you for bringing us so much knowledge and calmness. Even just having a dedicated hour every week to switch off and meet Sharon and other like-minded parents was so beneficial for my well-being. The biggest change for me was awareness and being able to stay present. With that, I can bring more compassion and kindness for myself, my family, and my parenting.”

Mum of three young boys

Next steps

I offer a range of services aimed at fostering personal development and well-being in young people, including:

  • Tailored One to One Mindfulness Sessions
  • 8-week Creative Mindfulness Classes
  • Art and Drama Workshops
  • Mindful Parenting Weekly Classes
  • 8-week Personal Development Course for Young Adults

“My little boy and I had a lovely session with Sharon. I thought it was amazing how she had him engaged and how easily they connected”.

Mum of an 8 year old

You can contact me to schedule a complimentary call by email.


Certificate Date 04/18/2019
Email Address
Telephone Number 087 9789919
City Galway
Country Ireland {Republic}
Postcode / Zipcode H65XC66