For qualified CK Tutors only

  • Lifetime listing on our exclusive tutor register
  • Benefit from our 20+ years experience and kudos!
  • Connect to (and learn from) our 20+ years experience

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Building your client list

It’s simple to join and make a real impact in the world with your extraordinary skills!

The benefits of the Twinkle Package:

  • Connected to the reputable Connected Kids platform with a listing on our website, which has been successfully running for over 20 years.
  • Exclusive to certified Connected Kids Professional Tutors.

The advantages:

  • Gain recognition by being listed on our exclusive Tutor register, showcasing your skills, and benefiting from the worldwide reputation of Connected Kids.
  • Easy enrollment process to start reaching clients who need your skills!


On your profile, we’ll feature the following information:

  • Contact details – Email Address, phone number (optional)
  • Online presence – website (optional)
  • Location – City, Country, postcode/zipcode
  • Experience – (optional but recommended) when you qualified (your certificate date) and background information about you, specialties, testimonials.
  • Profile photo (optional)

This option is exclusively available for our Connected Kids members who have successfully completed their professional training.



And if you need extra help, we also offer a profile writing service to help you create the best version!

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