For qualified registered CK Tutors only

  • POWER UP your Connected Kids tutor profile (so that it shines!)
  • Saving you time, money (and stress)!

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Supercharge your Tutor profile

If you think your *Connected Kids Tutor profile needs a little extra oomph, don’t worry, we can offer you some support!

Often good therapists and meditation teachers don’t know how to communicate their skills to potential clients. Our team is here to provide expert assistance in crafting an outstanding profile that helps you shine!

Optimise your online presence and appeal to more clients with this special service. PLUS – we’ll also work our magic behind the scenes   – to make it easier for people to find you online using our SEO (search engine optimisation) skills to optimise your Tutor profile.

Working our magic

Existing Tutors – we can help you produce and rewrite your profile so it has a lot more ‘zing’

New registered tutors – if you just don’t have the time or the motivation to create your profile – this can save you hours and hours of time as we guide you through the process and create a profile that shines!

” I have neglected to update my profile on several platforms for fear of getting started. I have only this year, said to myself, I cannot avoid this anymore. [with this support] I have gradually gained confidence in putting myself into the world.” JB, UK 

Save yourself time and money

This fantastic feature can be added for £150.  Plus you can use this in other online listings (and your website).

*Qualified Meditation Teacher Requirement: To take enjoy this feature, you must be a certified meditation teacher ALREADY listed on our Connected Kids Tutor register.

**Comprehensive Service: The cost covers everything you need! We’ll create or rewrite your profile (we’ll send you some simple questions to answer), handle the SEO settings, and make those testimonial quotes look super stylish. You simply send us the information when you are ready so we can make your profile shine.


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