Kids Meditation Teacher Training – Accreditation

How is this teaching meditation certificate recognised?

Connected Kids Ltd is a recognised training school through insurers Balens UK who insure us to deliver professional training in kids meditation.

After reviewing our balens logo teaching teens meditationtraining contact and materials to ensure that Connected Kids Kids Meditation teachers can secure insurance to practice.

We are also an approved training provider through IICT (recognised in 27 countries worldwide) who can also offer insurance to our qualifying tutors.accredited training to teach meditation to kids - iict



If you are already working professionally with children, the foundation level (level 1) of the Connected Kids programme will offer you a certificate of completion.  Depending on your insurers/employer/professional association, this may count as CPD points.

Our professional online course allows you to teach professionally as a certified Connected Kids Tutor.  Class training also available in selected venues in thecpd points for kids meditation teacher training UK and Ireland.

“I really enjoyed the course. I loved the interactive content which helped bring the training to life. It was very helpful to experience the guided meditations rather than just reading about them in the book. The fact that it is self-paced meant that I was able to fit it around my other studies.” Emma 

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