We never stop learning; it is a true privilege to help younger people uncover ways to grow and shine!

Who am I?

I’m Jill, my intention is to help children and teens connect to their body and inner world as well as to people and everything around them. It is these connections that affect and shape our feelings and behaviours in an often-stressful world. I’m a mum of four, level 2 Reiki practioner, SENCO and SEN teacher for 28 years working with children with ASD, ADHD, Attachment, social; emotional, behavioural, communication, sensory and physical issues.

Why meditation and mindfulness?

Improves focus, attention, and concentration-Promotes healthier bodies-Increased resilience and ability to process stress-improves sleep-Increases confidence and self esteem.

What techniques do I use?

  • Breathwork- to release hormones that relieve the nervous system
  • Somatic exercises-tuning into the body
  • Visualisations- guided meditations create space to process thoughts and feelings
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)- relieves anxiety
  • Vagal nerve toning- using colour, touch, movement, sound and rhythm
  • Mindful experiences- using all the senses to enhance mind, body, and heart connections
  • Self-esteem and social challenges – social stories, affirmations and self-compassion exercises
  • Emotional grounding techniques-to build resiliency, recognise, relate and reframe experiences, helping to befriend feelings
  • Mindset adjusting-activities/techniques to change thinking habits


Who, When, Where?

I support individual and groups from 4-18 years old at home, in school or community-based location. Sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the individual or group and last 30-60 mins.

“I feel stronger and calmer when people are not being nice”- Jamie- 13

“I know the yucky feelings will go away and my tummy isn’t as sore anymore” Amber -9

Certificate Date 06/13/2022
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Telephone Number 07730276710
City Belfast
Country United Kingdom
Postcode / Zipcode BT60LB