I have just moved back to Toronto, after 21 years raising my 3 kids in Edinburgh. I am passionate about empowering kids, especially teenagers to look after their own mental health and one way to do this is to provide them with a way to see that their thoughts are just that…thoughts.

I mainly teach mindfulness-meditation but I also love to lead young people in visualizations, which they can then repeat by themselves, at any point in time when they are feeling ‘stressed’ I have worked with individual youngsters and small groups and both types of sessions have brought about wonderful positive results. I have seen reduced asthmatic attacks and cessation of insomnia, plus calmer daily living due to the kids feeling less angry and scared and more confident in their own ability to deal with things.

My background is 26 years of nursing, mainly paediatric and for the last 8 years, complementary therapies. I am a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner/trainer, a Reiki Healer/teacher and I have been leading adults in meditation for several years.

I am happy to organise small group/individual sessions either in my home (South Etobicoke) or in your home/space/school/church.

If you are a parent, looking for ways to help your child be calmer/more confident/less anxious then please get in touch to discuss how I can help you to help them.

*Helping there to be Peace in the hearts of our children is to help us bring Peace to their world*


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