A free download to teach kids meditation

Our years of experience confirms young people feel better when they start a regular meditation practice:

improves focus and concentration
reduces stress and anxiety
help young people with autism to relax
improves self esteem
helps control anxiety in any situation
helps with transition/difficult situations
helps improve sleep and energy levels
children feel safe and secure
young people let go of worries

Children’s meditation (7 to 12)

‘Tree of Protection’ – helps kids to feel safe and centered.

Teens’ mindfulness (12 +)

‘Colour Breathing’ – a simple way to help your teen focus and calm anxiety.

Mindful skills – autism/ADHD/SEN

‘The Golden Spacesuit’ helping young people with SEN feel more centered and calm.


Ready to create meditations your kids will love?

For SEN, autism, ADHD, trauma – kids to teens.