Trauma-sensitive mindfulness training

Information webinar for professionals and carers

At Connected Kids, we have used our 20 years of experience to create this free trauma-sensitive mindfulness and energy awareness information webinar. For two decades, our mission has been to share mindful skills with children and adolescents, empowering them with stress reduction techniques.

We have pioneered using mindful skills to work with young people with complex needs and we engage with youths across a spectrum of ages and capabilities, drawing from our extensive experience to include children affected by trauma and/or with care experience.

We believe everyone involved in the care of children with trauma/care experience could incorporate trauma-sensitive mindfulness training and energy awareness coping skills into their professional toolkits.

Webinar – Tuesday 26th March 2024

Trauma-sensitive mindfulness and energy awareness information webinar

In this information webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn about
  • a simple method that can be applied to avoid compassion fatigue
  • the heart and philosophy of our Mindful Trauma (sensitive) and Energy Awareness Training and its origins
  • the course syllabus – how it was developed and what is involved
  • the benefits of teaching mindful skills to the specific complex needs of young people with trauma
  • the objective and structure of the training – combining mindful and energy awareness
  • an exclusive preview of the course modules and their content
  • how it is designed to support those working with/caring for looked-after-children
  • prerequisites for attendance
  • an exclusive offer for attendees
Whether you’re a seasoned professional in mental health, education, already teaching meditation/yoga or simply someone passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of young people with trauma, this trauma-sensitive mindfulness information webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of how our course can be a catalyst for professional, personal and collective growth.
Date – Tuesday 26th March 2024 (Choice of 1pm or 8pm BST/8am or 3pm ET)

Event speaker

Lorraine E Murray is founder of the accredited, international Connected Kids program, author of 3 books about mindful skills for young people and a foster mum of 17 children.  She combines herlorraine e murray founder of connected kids professional experience of the care system and how we can use trauma-sensitive skills and energy awareness tools to help young people in the care system, and the people who work alongside them.

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