… and their carers

For 20 years we have been teaching kids and teens mindful skills to reduce stress.

We work with kids of all ages and abilities and our experience with kids in care helps us help them to reduce stress and anxiety.

But we want to share what we know because it is time we were all teaching kids in care mindful coping skills.

So we want to start a conversation, where you can learn more about why, what and who can do this.


You are invited to listen in.  The conversation will be between Lorraine E Murray, the founder of Connected Kids (pioneering the work of teaching all children meditation skills) who is also a foster mum…


…and Hazel Melville, a meditation teacher for young people (trained with Connected Kids) who for 17 years has worked as an experienced senior children and youth practitioner, specialising in working therapeutically with some of our most vulnerable, traumatised children and young people within various health and social care settings.

They’ve both taught kids in care how to reduce stress with mindful skills.  They’ve both seen it work. They know the care system is struggling so it’s time to do something different to help kids who are affected.


Who is this for?

This livestream (also recorded) is for…

  • Foster carers
  • Adoptive parents
  • Kinship carers
  • Residential Care /social workers
  • Parents/grandparents of children with attachment disorder or complex needs  
  • Educators/professionals working with kids in care

Our next livestream on Facebook…

If you want to join us live – we’ll be going to do a livestream on Tuesday 11th October 2022 @ 11am (*BST) where we’ll talk about our real life experiences and practical suggestions (for carers and other caring professionals).

This session will be about ‘coping with contact’ 

Join livestream

We’ll give real life examples of what works (and what doesn’t) – but most importantly why.  And from time to time, we will include an opportunity for you to practise what we share.

If you miss the live event..

You can listen to the recording on our YouTube channel.

Catchup recording - coping with transitions

*If you are outside the UK and want to know your timezone – use this helpful time conversion website. Worldtimebuddy

You can always join us on the recorded session on our YouTube Channel. Suscribir

How to get involved

There’s no script, there’s no promo… it’s just two very experienced people who want the world of care to change – for the kids and their carers and other professionals involved.

Join a (non-spam) email list and we’ll let you know when the conversations are going to start.  Mailing list

Or use the links above to join the FB group or subscribe to our YouTube channel.