Being a Connected Kids tutor gives me the opportunity to teach simple meditation techniques and ideas to children and teenagers, which enable them to feel more at peace with themselves and the world around them.

I have experience of working with children from the ages of 5 to 15, through a combination of group sessions held in a local school, as well as individual sessions on a 1:1 basis.

It can be very difficult for children and teenagers to understand their thoughts and/or to express their feelings. Meditation can help them understand the connection between the their thoughts and feelings, and with regular practise it can really benefit them in a number of ways e.g. by helping them sleep, to focus or concentrate, reduce anxiety, Improve self esteem etc.

In each session children experience the benefits of meditation in simple and fun ways that can be incorporated into their daily routine.

Teaching children how to meditate gives them a life skill they can utilise for the rest of their lives.

Most importantly, children are all unique individuals and they are here to teach us, aslollipop therapies - lorraine forsyth teaching children meditation much as we are here to teach them.

I truly love being a Connected Kids Tutor; it is the most amazing and rewarding ‘job’ I have ever had.

If you would like any further information with regards to the benefits of meditation, please feel free to contact me on any of the links below.

Certificate Date 01/25/2015
Email Address
Telephone Number 07963408514
City Armadale
Country United Kingdom
Postcode / Zipcode EH48 2NS