Hello, my name is Katie. I have been working holistically with adults, children and young people for over 12 years now. It was when initially working with adults and allowing them to discover their healing journeys that I found I was drawn to work with those who had unprocessed childhood experiences and trauma which had remained buried through their childhood and on into adulthood. A thought in those early days was that if these could be navigated mindfully as a child, the child and thus adult would be better prepared for life and its intracies. Helping the self as well as future generations to be more resilient, grounded and at peace.

This became quite a personal revelation when I became a mum in 2006 and was soon thrust into this 24 7, commercially academically driven world that my daughters were embracing at an alarming rate. The gap between EQ and IQ just seemed to be forever widening and by questioning this crazy world I found myself embracing Reiki, complimenting that with a Montessori Foundation certification, and thus, the combination of which led me to walk the Connected Kids path as both parent and professional.  My own journey has been that of trust, intuition and self-discovery  finding  myself now fully immersed within the secondary and SEN circuit on a day-to-day basis.

Most evident is that as I discovered my own voice in defence of my children’s own wellbeing journey; I am often that (sometimes outspoken) voice as I advocate the emotional rights for all children & young people and  by doing so my skill has been to  encourage many to find theirs through a heart-centred, energetically expressed route that is always inspired by the children and young people I work with.

Being a heart-centred and child-led practitioner dedicated to offering holistic support across all ages, my ethos is that the whole child matters,  no one size fits all and that initutive trust to “follow the child”, be that youth or the inner-child, can and does navigate trauma and emotions healthily.

Working directly via my own business (YoungMIndz UK) I share skills, ideas and time with children and young people of all ages, stages and abilities, adults that work with children and young people (parents, carers, teachers, and educators) and now teach the Connected Kids Foundation programme, with the Professional level soon to be part of my repertoire.

YoungMindzuk – Where the Whole Child Matters offering holistic well-being education that is heart-led, child-led, child inspired, inclusive, simple, organic.

Certificate Date 03-08-2018
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