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In the Christmas spirit – and our festive opening hours

Christmas Wishes

As you may know… we don’t give out Christmas cards but prefer to give to a good cause instead.kevin sinfield and rob burrows fundraising mnda

This year our hearts were touched by the 7 marathons in 7 days attempt by Kevin Sinfield, the friend of former Rugby player Rob Burrow who has been fighting MNDA.

So we’ve donated to their cause instead of cards. Perhaps you would like to do the same? Christmas Spirit >>>

**In the spirit of Christmas – wishing you (firstname) health, happiness, love and peace.**

Festive Hours for Connected Kids

We will be closing for Christmas to enjoy some time with family and friends (albeit at a socially distance!)  If you are buying a course or one of our students we just wanted to let you know.  Thank you and have a Merry Christmas! xx

Festive Hours >>>

Christmas Meditation for kids 2019

Just tried this with my 12 year old foster son and my husband!  Both enjoyed it.

Happy Christmas!

Lorraine x



If you want to teach your kids meditation….

Take the Foundation course – to teach your kids and teens mindful meditation

learn how to teach kids mindfulness professionally - learn more buttonProfessional Training – to become a certified Kids Meditation Teacher


Teach Children Meditation Books – learn more read more to teach kids meditationabout the benefits of meditation for kids including those with SEN/Autism/Anxiety/ADHD

Getting kids to eat – mindfully with chocolate

The festive season is upon us and we know how much chocolate and cookies we’ll be eating (and especially our kids!).

So to help us through this ‘sweet season’ here’s a guide to eating chocolate (or cookies) mindfully that both you and your children can enjoy.

Happy holidays!

Training Courses in Teaching Meditation >>>

Online connected kids >>>

Calm Kids >>>

Connected Kids (autism and special needs) >>>

Tips to avoid Christmas Chaos – mindfulness for you and the kids


Please note we are now closed for the festive season till 5th January 2016, however you can still purchase CDs/books (we’ll post them out on our return) or book courses online (your payment confirms your place as space is limited). Or drop us an email for our return!