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Free meditation for kids (and adults for 21st Dec 2012) !

To celebrate the winter solstice and this amazing new year we are about to enter, we have teamed up with Arna Baartz from the I Am Program to offer
you a free meditation for you and your children.

The meditation is based on this beautiful picture of the chakras (energy centres) that can be useful to work with in meditation.

The meditation is recorded by me (Lorraine Murray) and there are 2 minutes of an introduction followed by a meditation that lasts about 14 minutes.

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Meditation Tips

If you have really young children then encourage them to lie down so they are more grounded (more contact with the floor).  The same applies if your children are really restless.  If they are a little bit older and can sit reasonably still – sit cross legged with them on the floor – eyes closed and just listen!

As we are using colours in this meditation, it might be a good idea to show them the picture and get them to know the colours first.  Or if your child isn’t great with colours and prefers numbers or shapes – ask them to associate a number or shape with a colour and they can think about this instead in the meditation.


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