tessa-stacey-meditation-teacher-kids-teensI have enjoyed guiding children and young adults in the practice of meditation and mindfulness for many years. I feel lucky that as a child I too was introduced to meditation and yoga and found it something which supported me through many different life stages. I firstly studied with the Connected Kids programme to support my own three children, understanding its true value I then followed on with the professional training.

With over 12 years experience I currently work predominantly in end of life care, supporting adults and teens through bereavement of their loved ones. I work in a variety of settings facilitating Writing through Grief workshops, Life Story coaching, peer support groups for adults and teens alongside 1:1 support too.

Teaching young adults and children meditation has always been a rewarding role, I feel privileged to offer private practice and hospice work which proves to offer an important set of tools for navigating growing up in an often challenging world.

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Fecha del certificado 28/01/2016
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