Connected Kids course syllabus

Foundation course – teaching kids meditation

  • Understand how stress affects the mind, body and emotions
  • Discover the practical benefits of mindfulness for children and teens learning child with hand on heart - teaching meditationmeditation.
  • Understand how meditation helps reduce stress for toddlers to teens
  • Understand what meditation is and the most appropriate levels of meditation to use with different ages of children/teens
  • Learn how to set up a meditation space suitable for young people
  • Develop your own meditation practice to and how it helps you to teach meditation and mindfulness
  • Learn how to produce bespoke meditations for children
  • Learn how to improve your delivery of meditations for children
  • Discover how meditation and mindfulness can help children with ADHD or autism. or other special needs.
  • The course has 12 – 18 hours worth of material (on average it takes 1 to 3 months to complete).

The on-line course includes everything calm kids book cover - teaching children mindfulness Lorraine teaches in her Connected Kids™ class.  It includes a copy of her world-wide best selling book ‘Calm Kids – help children relax with mindful activities’.

The course includes 5 easy and practical modules which help bring the Calm Kids book to life!

  • Module 1 – What is Meditation
  • Module 2 – Writing Meditations
  • Module 3 – How to Deliver a Meditationhelp kids learn meditation buy now button
  • Module 4 – Developing your Meditation Ideas
  • Module 5 – Sharing the Experience

*The course has been awarded a silver award from ‘Mom’s Choice – Honouring excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.’ and the National Parenting Product Award in 2018.


Certified Professionals Kids Meditation Teacher 

This online course includes all of the above modules plus…

  • Explore a wide range of mindfulness and meditation techniques and apply these to accommodate different abilities/needs in children/teens.
  • Learn how to set up a meditation programme for teaching children professionally
  • Learn how to teach children meditation who have ADHD, on the Autistic spectrum or have additional support needs.
  • Learn how to support the families of those with children with special needs
  • Develop a ‘meditation toolkit’ that can structure bespoke sessions (mandalas, mudras, labyrinths, crystals/stones, colour, day-to-day objects)
  • Learn how to work more intuitively with a heartfelt practice
  • tips for teaching kids/teens who don’t want to learn meditation!
  • Understand the energy centres and the role they play when teaching meditation
  • Learn about which mindful activities are safe to use with different needs.
  • Understand how to help young people process strong reactions to meditation

“Thank you so much for this course.  It’s given me the skills to change a lot of young people’s lives which is pretty amazing in itself. Thank you so much.”

 The professional online course offers 45 hours of material (most complete this in 3 to 4 months), personal access to the founder through our online classroom and provides you with a detailed and interactive experience if your passion is to become a kids meditation teacher:

  • Module 6 – your peace pioneer skills
  • Module 7 – developing energy awareness to teach meditationcertified kids meditation training buy now button
  • Module 8 – teaching with the intuitive heart
  • Module 9 – child development and special needs
  • Module 10 – enhancing your teaching meditation skills
  • Module 11 – developing your teaching mindfulness toolkit
  • Module 12  – teaching advanced, mindful activity tools
  • Module 13 – developing bespoke meditation programmes
“It has given me the confidence to take my meditation teaching out into the community with confidence and peace in my heart.” AP, UK


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