Becky Bell teaches yoga, meditation & mindfulness to children, teenagers becky bell - smart family health coachand parents.  A dedicated single-mum to two boys, integrative health coach & practitioner of meditation, this is what she say’s “Meditation is my life-raft to change the way I saw the world, helping me to feel happier, be healthier and a more connected mum. With a strong and focussed mind I am doing what I love and following my dharma of teaching others.”

Meditation =freedom in the mind, more balanced parent & infinite creativity, it is like opening Pandora’s box to infinite possibilities.

Becky has a passion & gift for inspiring, motivating, coaching and empowering teenagers to be their best version of themselves. Some of her clients are within the Autistic spectrum and some that the school system has been at a lost cause for a solution. For the parent’s witnessing the positive change in their once shut down teenager has restored their confidence and given them hope for their future. For the teenager for the first time in a long time they start to feel happy with a mind that feels less foggy and can think.

Becky runs classes in schools, community yoga/meditation by donation, workshops and retreats for teenage girls and also works one on one with the teen and together with teen & parent.

”I am on a mission to put an end to human suffering by giving a child, teenager and parent the greatest gift of all, a strong, free, focussed & happy- smiling mind so they too can make smarter health & life choices as individuals and as a family.”

Certificate Date 01/07/2014
Email Address
Telephone Number 0404 123269
City Sydney
Country Australia
Postcode / Zipcode 2204