With a vivid imagination and a playful personality, I was always drawn to alda gomez kids meditation teacher devonwork with children. It balances my work as a counsellor and psychotherapist with adults.

I also teach tai chi and qigong (Chinese moving meditation) to adults and young adults with learning difficulties.

When I hear about children having irrational fears, constant anxiety, or behavioural issues, my heart sinks. I feel that I need to do something to help. I believe they are ordinary children exposed to the stress of our modern lifestyles.

After having practising meditation, including tai chi & qigong, for over 10 years and having completed Professional training of the Connected Kids programme, I know these practises can help.

Children are fast learners. In a few sessions, they may be able to incorporate mindful habits into their routine and become more resilient for their future. They can calm down and find creative solutions for their worries and problems. They can learn how to understand, accept and express their emotions, becoming emotionally healthier and stronger.

I work with children aged 6-14 who experience stress, irrational fears, and mild to moderate anxiety.

I offer one-to-one and group sessions.

I have enhanced DBS and professional insurance.

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Certificate Date 09/05/2018
Email Address info@chilledren.com
Website https://www.aldacounselling.com/about-alda
Telephone Number 01626 778048 or Mobile: 07437332032
City Teignmouth 
Country United Kingdom
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