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Calm Kids – published in 2012

“Started reading it last night and can’t put it down. It’s fantastic. Really well written and easy to read. It’s going to do so much good.”
calm kids books reviews - teaching kids meditation“I just wanted to say that I received my copy Calm Kids which arrived this morning and what can I say?? Wow well written and researched I’m already half way through the book and it’s a great tool, my son had ADHD and we both meditate together when he feels stressed. I have achieved more things in life since having Ciaran 10 years ago. Thank you so much Lorraine.”
Lorraine’s book is outstanding from the perfect cover of the child who looks positively grounded and calm, to the ideas right through the book, it’s a gem. I read one of the meditation scripts to my daughter, stopped after 5 lines and said, “What do you think?” ‘DON’T STOP’,she exclaimed. It was that easy.. pick up the book and read and you are transported to calm and lovely places and images. Well done Lorraine. I’ve recommended it to many headteachers and therapists and they are all off buying it.”
Really easy book to follow. Detailed exercises to try.Very well written. I couldnt put it down. Its very interesting with lots of information about Meditation and how it is a helpful skill for children and adults to learn.”
This is a smashing easy to read introduction to meditation & mindful activities with children. Very practical with lots of examples so you can literally pick it up & try it with your kids! I read it in one sitting & thoroughly enjoyed it. Exactly what a busy parent needs!”

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Connected Kids – published in 2014

“This book is an essential tool for parents, teachers and practitioners. Like Calm Kids, it is a carefully cultivated collection of advice and guidance to help access the best strategies for children with unique needs. It is extremely readable and easy to digest. It is a crucial handbook for those who want to create a happier, safer and balanced environment for the children and teens in their care. I highly recommend it as a teacher and practitioner myself.”
connected kids 0 teaching meditation to kids on the autistic spectrum“I’ve already read this book from cover to cover three times, and use it regularly as a reference book. It has very practical, usable advice, especially for children with additional needs. The book is based on solid evidence from Lorraine’s own experience teaching children, with extra evidence from parents and Lorraine’s growing tribe of meditation teachers.”
“Absolutely loved this book. I have completed the Level 1 training and am due to attend the Level 2 soon. This book gave so many practical tools to use with children with special needs.”
What a wonderful book. Read the first one and couldn’t wait for the next one. Very useful if you’re working with children who have special needs. Well written, thoroughly recommend it.”

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