Online Talk – meditation to help kids sleep

10 mindful tips to help your kids sleep

One of the struggles parents seem to have is getting kids to bed and getting them up in the morning (although some kids are up with the lark!)

It seemed that ‘going to sleep’ and ‘getting up out of bed’ are pressure points for the adults (and challenging experiences for the kids and teens).

I’ve been working with (and practising) meditation for over 25 years now and felt that there were some easy ways to help kids, teens and carers to improve sleep and rise patterns  with meditation and mindfulness skills.

This doesn’t mean that your kids can drink copious amounts of caffeinated drinks and play Fortnite till the small hours and simply meditate their way to sleep!

But meditation does bring awareness, insight and creative solutions to problems.  

So in this talk, we are going to give you 10 simple mindful solutions to help your kids/teens bedtime routine improve and a few suggestions on how you can get them to rise with no arguments in the morning.

This online talk (by Lorraine E Murray, founder of the Connected Kids programme and author), will explore these  areas and offer you some simple, effective suggestions how meditation and mindfulness can help you and your kids/teens.

This talk will help you if you are interested in teaching children and teens mindfulness skills to:

  • build a mindful and nourishing connection with children and teens
  • learn how to introduce meditation to kids who won’t go to bed
  • learn how kids can use mindfulness to help them stay in bed
  • simple ways kids/teens can motivate themselves up in the morning
  • understand how to stay grounded and tolerant when your buttons are being pressed!

The cost of the talk is *£15 + VAT


The recording is available until 25th Feb 2019.


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