Extension and refresher options

For Connected Kids members

Extension and refresher options for Connected Kids members include:

  • Accessing online modules to refresh knowledge for foundation students who took the course in person with the founder Lorraine/CK trainers.
  • Extensions for professional online or workshop attendee students who have yet to submit assessments for certification

Foundation Members  

As a workshop attendee, for a refresh you can access the foundation modules for £49.

Online foundation students have lifetime module access. To refresh skills or explore next steps, you can book a 121 session with founder Lorraine E Murray.

foundation refresher

All Professional Members  – uncertified

For all professional members who are uncertified, you have a 12-month deadline from your final in-person or online class to submit your work. We will inform you of this deadline via email upon completion of the training. If you are unsure of the deadline, please contact us by email to confirm.

If you are running out of time to submit your assessment, you can book an online 121 session to extend the submission deadline by 12 months. It is important to make this booking before your current deadline expires. The 121 session must take place within 6 months from the original submission deadline.

Members have the option to extend their assessment submission deadline once, using a 121 session. The cost of the 121 session is £144 (with recording and follow-up email support) or £88 (without recording/email).

Book 121 extension

If your *assessment deadline has passed and it’s too late to book a 121 session or if you have already had a 121 session but your time has expired, you have the following options to gain an additional 12 months for submitting your assessment work for certification.

*You have a grace period of 6 months from the assessment deadline to take action. If no 121 session has been booked (or if a 121 extension has already been used), Connected Kids members must select one of the options below.

Extension options for online professional students

Attend online classrooms: This option allows you to attend one, two, or three of the live (2-hour) online classrooms with Lorraine E Murray for £249. You have the flexibility to choose the specific online classes that are most beneficial to you, or you can attend all three if you prefer.

online classes only

Extension options for professional workshop attendees

If you attended a course in-person

Online module course extension: This option grants you lifetime access to the professional online modules for £249. Access to these modules will extend your assessment submission time by 12 months

modules only extension

Online module and 121 extension: With this option priced at £299, you will have a 121 session with Lorraine E Murray and lifetime access to the online professional modules. Immediate access to the modules is provided, and you have 12 months to book your 121 session. This activation will extend your assessment submission time by 12 months.

121 and modules extension

Time’s run out?

If you have completed the original training over 3 years ago and your deadline for submission/extension has passed, you will be required to repurchase the course – current cost is £1199.