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5 Top Mindful tips to help kids with special needs reduce stress  

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We hope you enjoyed the Mindfulness  summit we took part in recently.

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Here are some top tips to help you get started.

Start practising first

Before you can really teach kids a meditation to reduce stress, you need to know how to check in and reduce your own stress levels. Children feed of our stress and energy so if we are feeling overwhelmed, they react to it.   Take moments in your day to just notice the out breath and this helps to calm down your nervous system that is reacting to stress.

Mindful movement

We often find that kids with special needs are ‘ungrounded’ – in other words they are stuck in their head and out of touch with their bodies.  That’s why they might fidget… to self sooth. You can bring some mindfulness to this by getting them to tune into one of the senses as you get them to move – sense of touch … even the sense of sound as they stamp their feet!

Teach them the out – breath

Focusing on (and lengthening) the out-breath can help calm the nervous system; this means that we can help prevent children going into fight/flight/freeze.  You can invite kids to listen to the sound of their breath as they breathe out (to hold their attention).

Teach them the tummy breath

Invite your kids to place their hands on their tummy.  When they breathe in the tummy sticks out.  When they breathe out, their tummy relaxes.  This helps send a relax signal to the brain.  It’s sometimes easier to help them if they start by lying down and placing a hand or toy on their tummy to feel/watch it rise and fall with each out/in breath.

Make it visual/tactile

Kids with special needs can find it really hard to ‘imagine’ or visualise what you want them to do.  So if you show them first, they have that ‘thought’ in their head to guide them.  So with the breath you could show them a candle on a birthday cake and then when they breathe out they are blowing out the candle on the cake.  Or you can get them to follow the size of a shape (square/diamond/rectangle) and each side of the shape is an in or out breath.

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