Teaching meditation to kids and teens – online

This tutorial will give you extensive guidance and support to help run meditation sessions online for children to teens.

The tutorial guides you through…

Pros and cons of different platforms
How to make the session interactive to hold attention
Maximising the use of Zoom (we will also include whatsapp)
Lighting, music, webcam guidelines
Adapting mandala, labyrinth, sound meditations for online sessions
Guidance on timing, preparation guidelines
How to cope with technical issues
Helping children who have a strong reaction
A prep meditation to ground your energy

Practical issues include – minimising background noise/interruptions, using music, creating online ‘rooms’, number of participants, setting boundaries, back up (if things go wrong!),

Energy support – overcoming mental blocks to teaching online! Relaxation tips to keep you centered and grounded while using technology

The tutorial 90-minute recording offers you practical steps to extend your teaching practice online using Zoom software and Whatsapp.

Tutorial recording £75

Recording only

Tutorial recording and workbook  £99

Recording and workbook