Connected Kids Tutors Registration

Promoting your work as a Connected Kids Tutor

Hello my peace pioneer and thank you for wanting to join the Connected Kids Register.

We receive emails every day about teaching children meditation so we hope that joining this will help people to find you!

How to Join

It’s quite simple – use the button to register and it will take you to purchase the registration option which  is *£75 + VAT for life.

Once you join you’ll be sent an email with a checklist of the information we need that you simply email to us.

You can only join this register because you have completed your professional training level and assessment and are now a qualified tutor (well done!)


I look forward to adding you to our register and spreading peace in the world.



Lorraine x


*Once you are set up, we allow 3 small changes (eg changing a contact number or links/image). If you want to rewrite/add in new images then there will be a £25 + VAT fee