CK2 – How to Register

Welcome to the Connected Kids Tutor Register!

This is where you complete the information we need in order to get your registration up and running. (Please ensure you have submitted your registration fee before completing this).

Complete the information below and email it with your logo/photo to us on 

Certificate Date 
Email Address 
Website/Facebook Page
Telephone Number
Postcode / Zipcode

Profile Information (see below for hints)


If you have any questions – please email us on

Hints on creating your profile:

  • Have a look at the profiles of others and see what information they have written
  • Say a little bit about your background and why you want to teach children/teens meditation.
  • Mention what ages groups or special areas you may focus on.
  • Include a quote from a client (child/adult) about your work (you could also take this from your case studies)
  • If you are using a photo of a child instead of you/logo then ensure you have permission to use it.
  • Ensure you have a website or facebook page they can link to to find out more about you.

Please note – this is only for students who have completed the professional stage of the Connected Kids programme and have a Professional Connected Kids Tutor Certificate.