Connected Kids workshops

This experience will take you on a journey that is both informative and a healing personal journey.

Our experienced Connected Kids Trainers have walked this path so they know how to support you on your journey of self discovery. Each has been trained by Connected Kids ltd, and brings their personal and professional experience to the course.  They follow the same values and principles of the programme as independent trainers.

Our trainers come from different walks of life, each one with a beautiful sense of passion and commitment to help you become the very best meditation teacher for young people.

I work in a Primary school with children who have learning disabilities, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD… All children are often stressed about school work, social relations etc. and they don’t have the knowledge how to calm themselves. This course provides techniques that we use as adults to regulate ourselves and how can we help children. Mindfull tools that are adapted to a children’s point of view.  [The trainer] Tara’s English is very clear as I, who don’t come from an English speaking country, could understand everything. I would recommend this course to parents and teachers

The content of the course is identical to the online version, however face to face training gives you the chance to connect to trainers who have built up their practice of teaching meditation professionally.  

They’ll share their insights and stories of teaching meditation to children of all ages.

Some trainers have years of experience in mental health or education.  

3 training days – 45 CPD/CE credit
Internationally accredited training
A choice of trainers
Venues in UK, Ireland, Spain & Switzerland
Lifetime support
Deposit payment to book
Automatically includes foundation course (value £197)
Professional Certification for insurance

2023/24 Professional Training Workshops

Connected Kids Trainer – Ruth Pringle 

Dublin – join our mailing list for new date


Belfast  – *Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November 2023

Connect with Ruth

Connected Kids Trainer – Alice Chinn

Barcelona – *7th and 8th October 2023

Scotland – *Sat 27th & Sun 28th April 2024

Connect with Alice

*Pre-requisite – foundation course either online or in-person with an alternate trainer – dates/info


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