Meditation Benefits – childhood mental health

We know that teaching kids and teens meditation works boy and mum meditating - teach children meditationbecause we have a worldwide community of parents and tutors who have learned how to do this through our Connected Kids programme.

When I first had the idea of teaching kids meditation (back in 2003), no-one was offering any guidance.  That’s why we set up Connected Kids so you could have the confidence to teach meditation to your family and junior clients.

Fortunately, the landscape has changed.  We now have a growing body of evidence that meditation really helps the mental health of young people.

Please take the first step and learn more or try to teach your kids meditation.  

Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of young people.

Thank you


Lorraine E Murray – Founder of Connected Kids


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Benefits of Meditation to Children and Youth

  • helps your kids improve confidence and self esteem
  • helps your children self regulate behaviour – reduce anger and aggression
  • helps your teens and kids improve study skills and concentration
  • helps your kids reduce the effects of anxiety and stress 
  • helps your kids improve sleep patterns
  • develops resilience in youth to cope with life challenges
  • strengthens your kids emotional intelligence – they’ll feel good about themselves!
  • helps your kids with SEN to reach their full potential, cope with challenges and thrive!


Below you’ll see a real life example of how meditation helps kids who are stressed. 

The photos were sent to us by one of our Connected Kids students who was teaching a young, stressed boy some meditation.  After a brief meditation, he completed his homework and you can see how his handwriting improved!

  • benefits of mindfulness for kids

Research now proves that meditation can help students strengthen their attention span, focus and concentration to support their academic performance (including those with ADHD).

Learn how to teach kids meditation learn more about teaching kids mindfulness meditation


“Thanks for inspirational day yesterday! I did a meditation yesterday evening with my grandchildren. Wow they loved it.”

Martha, USA

“One of the most beneficial and worthwhile courses I’ve been on in a while. I will definitely recommend this course to others. This course has given me the confidence I needed.”