A few months ago, one of my clients whose son has Aspergers and was having a difficult time. I sat down to meditate and came up with a meditation using shapes which I felt would be helpful to bring his energy into balance.

As part of an experiment, I’ve decided to share this as a free resource for anyone who works with or has children who are on the autistic spectrum.

My only condition/request is that if you want to share this with others, please point them towards this link and that after  you’ve tried it that you write just a short note of what you and your children experienced when using it.  I plan to share this on our facebook page of 6000 supporters so that we can all collectively benefit from the experience (so if people just share the link and I don’t know who they are, then I won’t be able to gather feedback).

Just a couple of quick points to be aware of when using the meditation track.

  • Don’t force or impress this on your children if they don’t want to do it.
  • Try to keep your own energy relaxed through it and if possible join in with the meditation too.
  • The first part is connecting the tip of the thumb and first finger on each hand to create an ‘o’ (which is a grounding mudra that helps in meditation).
  • Your children can be seated (feet on the floor) or lying down.
  • Some children with autism find it difficult to visualise so you might have a pen and paper nearby to let them draw the shape if this helps them.
  • The track is designed for a boy who is 8/9 years old so you’ll have to gauge if this will work for your children and their age group (attention span!)

When you are done – drop me an email with 1 or 2 paragraphs about what the experience was like.  How you felt… your child’s behaviour before, during and after.  How often you have used it.

Most importantly – thank you for doing this.

(The track is free so just click the ‘add to cart button’ to receive the meditation).
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