katie maddocks meditation colchesterAs a parent myself, and someone who struggled with mental health as a child, I wanted to create a place where children could learn life saving skills and empower themselves to deal with the many challenges of growing up and become more emotionally resilient. My goal is to empower as many young people as possible to understand their emotions and improve their mental wellbeing.

​​Peace of Me is based in Colchester, Essex, but I also love connecting with people UK and world-wide, to teach their children online too. Whether it is in person, or online, I enjoy creating fun and unique classes that will be enjoyed by children of all ages. I teach children in schools, community groups and privately, both in groups and 1:1.

“She couldn’t wait for her time with Katie each week, and I have noticed in the time since, that she has become far more confident in dealing with and talking about stresses, anxiety and worries. My daughter has taken away an amazing tool kit of techniques that she accesses independently, as necessary.” C.Smith

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