£88.88 / year with a 30-day free trial

  • Unlimited access to a wide range of meditations for all ages/abilities
  • created by a leading expert in meditation
  • Annual subscription – 30-day free trial (and receive 2 months free!)




Explore our extensive library of recorded meditations and podcasts carefully curated over the last 20 years!

Each month we release a minimum of 2 new tracks for you and your family to try.

And for the subscription you have unlimited access to our exclusive library of meditations.

Try it for free (30 days free trial on annual subscription or 7 days free trial on monthly subscription).  Cancel at anytime!

Meditations (example)

  • letting go of stress
  • chakra balancing
  • healing for grief – under 5s/tweens/teens
  • 4 minute reset (teens)
  • full moon meditations
  • intuitive breath/body scan to reduce teen anxiety
  • hot chocolate meditation
  • unicorn meditation
  • earth and sky meditation (for balance)


  • How to help kids and teens be mindful with tech (phones/computers)
  • Teaching meditation with colour

Take a quick peak at a small sample of our extensive library  Listen to samples  

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Please take note of the following terms:

After the free trial your subscription will be £88.88 per year (or your chosen currency). Refunds are not available for subscription payments once payment is received. If you decide to cancel your subscription your access will be removed once your annual payment expires.

Want to pay monthly?

You can choose to pay monthly or annually.  If you choose monthly, you’ll receive a 7 day free trial.


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