Upgrade your teaching meditation skills

If you are one of our Connected Kids foundation members, you have a few options that may help you on your journey of teaching children meditation!

Tenemos una wealth of resources and realise that some of our CK members (like you) don’t always need/want certification, but you do want the skills.

Or maybe you wish to upgrade your skills and seek certification but need to do this at the pace (and cost) that suits you.

We have created some options and hope it is helpful.

Full upgrade

This option gives you access to the full online professional course (modules and the 3 live online classes with Lorraine E Murray).  This moves you towards professional certification as an accredited Connected Kids Tutor.  The cost is £999.

Full upgrade

Online Modules only upgrade

This option gives you access to the online professional modules only.   You will have 12 months (optional) from starting the modules to book in for the online live classes (see purchase option below).  The cost is £555.  Please note there is no certification for this stage – just the teaching experience. To confirm certification you would take the modules, then attend the live, online classrooms (below).

modules upgrade

Live online classrooms for certification

These are required for you to pursue the accredited certification of the online connected kids programme.  There are 3 live online sessions you will attend with founder Lorraine E Murray.  Cost is £444.  You have 12 months from starting the *modules (as above) to purchase these and book in for the sessions.  We alternate timings and days to accomodate our worldwide student timezones.

online classes to certification


If you are unsure of whether the upgrade/next step is right for you – why not book a 121 with Lorraine E Murray and we’ll allocate 50% of the cost of the 121 to your training if you decide to take the **next step?

book a 121

*(Please note if you purchase the classes without the modules, you won’t have access to the professional certification).

If you do not require certification but simply want to gain more skills and knowledge, you can simply purchase the online modules without attending the live classes.

**You can allocate 50% of your 121 coaching session payment to the online modules and live online classes with Lorraine E Murray.