Meditation and mindful energy awareness

children with trauma

This 11 module masterclass and online support gives meditation teachers trauma-awareness skills, intuitive skills, access to energy tools and resources  to teach meditation and mindful energy skills to young people (up to age 17) who have experienced trauma.  

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The Masterclass syllabus includes…
What is trauma and causes of trauma
Teaching Meditation
Meditation Benefits
Mindful Energy Awareness
Connecting the ‘dots’
Selfcare & compassion
Processing the journey

For the full syllabus with detailed information – see here

Prerequisites for attendance

…you have had a consistent meditation practice for a minimum of 2 years, and that you have regularly taught young people meditation for a minimum of 12 months.

… you have access to regular supervision through a group session at Connected Kids or 121 with a healer, counsellor or other form of mental health support to give you the space and time to process what you notice and experience during the training.

Mindful Trauma Awareness – Study Outline

Each module is a standalone module with an intention, resources, links, practices, recordings and further reading.

Once all modules are completed there is a certificate of completion submitted at the end of the final module and if you are already a qualified Connected Kids Professional Tutor, we will issue a certificate indicating that you are a Connected Kids Tutor who has taken advanced studies and specialises in working with trauma.

If you are not trained to the professional level, we will issue a separate Mindful Trauma Masterclass certificate.

Modules with 2 hour *online workshop and group support

11 Modules and online support – Connected Kids member exclusive £697 (value £1417) –

Use discount code CKT  – ends 31st October 2023.

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*The dates for our next session are as follows: Group – Thursdays 31st August, 28th September, 26th October, 30th November, 2023 – 1pm or 7pm (BST) – 45 mins sessions.  2 hour workshop – Wed 20th September at 6pm (BST) – you can attend all or some of these sessions if you choose Option A.


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