Teaching meditation to kids and teens – online

This masterclass training session is exclusively available for our Connected Kids memberswho need guidance and support to help run meditation sessions online for children to teens.

The masterclass recording runs for 90 minutes and involves practical work to help you learn how to teach meditation online using Zoom software and Whatsapp.

The session offers you…

Pros y contras de diferentes plataformas
Cómo hacer que la sesión sea interactiva para mantener la atención
Maximizando el uso de Zoom (también incluiremos whatsapp)
Iluminación, música, pautas de cámara web
Adaptación de meditaciones de mandala, laberinto, sonido para sesiones en línea
Orientación sobre el tiempo, pautas de preparación.
Cómo afrontar los problemas técnicos
Ayudar a los niños que tienen una reacción fuerte
A prep meditation to ground your energy

Practical issues include – minimising background noise/interruptions, using music, creating online ‘rooms’, number of participants, setting boundaries, back up (if things go wrong!),

Energy support – overcoming mental blocks to teaching online! Relaxation tips to keep you centered and grounded while using technology

Recorded session only – £55

You can purchase access to the recorded session – lifetime access

Recorded session and workbook – £108

This includes the recording and a practical workbook that helps you take the ideas on the recording and transform them into practical steps!

Which option will you choose?

Recording only Recording and workbook