Welcome Peace Warrior!

I created these resources to help you train other adults in the Connected Kids programme.

You’ll either be qualified to teach the foundation stage or both foundation and professional stages of the course.

Online resources – trainers

As a CK tutor and trainer, you have lifetime access to additional online resources.  It will look like the image on the screen once you access it.

On this log in you can access:

  • information for enseñando the connected kids programme
  • info for registering estudiantes
  • passwords for unique pages/info on this website
  • en línea community for trainers (FB)
  • Kwan Yin meditación to stay heart centered
  • important files including terms for teaching

If you’ve forgotten your log in…

you can reset it – username is your email address – on the members login below.

Registering students

Once you are qualified to train, you use the members login (above) to access online materials that walk you through the steps of setting up your training dates on our system and registering your students.
Please ensure you have set up your trainers log in with us (4 weeks minimum) before you think about setting dates/promoting courses!
Date for your diary – you must submit your dates for the year ahead by 31st August each year if you wish us to include them in this website/online promotions.