Helping your kids and teens feel happy and content

What would life be like if your kid’s or teen’s behaviour was perfect?

Does that mean …kids who go to bed without complaint or issue? Kids who don’t have tantrums or kick off in public places?  Kids who won’t seem so demanding?  Kids who are quiet and simply do what they are told?  Teens who don’t struggle with the pressures of life?

We forget what it’s like to be a kid or teen.  Their brains developing and processing faster than the most sophisticated computer technology.  Their bodies changing at a rapid pace with hormones.  Then there’s the impact of technology and the pressure of social media to be perfect and do well in life.

We know that they are beautiful, perfect and unique in their own way.

Which is why one style of meditation does not suit all. 

This forms the ethos of Connected Kids.

We’ll use our 20 years of experience, to help you develop meditations that suit your kids and teens personality, interests and energy.

We have taught thousands of parents and carers like you who believe “if I teach my kids or teens medation maybe they will …” (fill in the blank).

But these young people are not robots. 

We don’t teach you how to ‘programme’ them with meditation.  We help you connect to them with meditation that is fun, motivational… and creative.

One of the most suprising benefits our Connected Kids clients experience when teaching meditation is that the anxiety and stress reduces for both adults and kids.  Everyone feels better. 

The people we teach, learn to tune into and understand how their kids and teens are feeling anxious, even when they can’t express it with words.

We empower you with the skills to connect – heart to heart – with your family and develop beautiful, stress-reducing meditations that your kids and teens will love.

How our award-winning foundation course can help you...

discover how children and teens communicate their stress
understand the health benefits of mindfulness for children and teens
discover the benefits of meditation for children with SEN (ADHD/autism/trauma)
understand how to motivate different age groups and abilities to meditate
intuitively choose meditations that work for your children
confidence boosters to teach meditation

How would you like to learn?

We offer a variety of learning options to accomodate you, wherever you are, whatever your schedule and the learning style you prefer (the maximum cost will be £222 for this level of training.  If you are outside the UK, check this out in your local currency aquí.) 

Choose from:

  • start right now with our self study modules – developed by founder, Lorraine E Murray (lifetime access)
  • o book in for our live, online zoom classes with a Connected Kids Trainer
  • o find out about our face to face workshops (UK and Europe)

los programa de estudios and learning outcome is identical –  you’ll develop mindful skills to help you connect, soothe and motivate your kids and teens with meditation.  You can check out our current training schedule for 2022.