Teaching Kids Meditation course costs

Teaching Kids Meditation – training costs

Mindful Parenting Course – £95

The mindful parenting course costs £95

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Connected Kids Foundation Course – £239

 The foundation course costs  £239mindfulness for kids training - buy now button

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Professionals Online Course – £1073

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The professional course costs  £1073 . which includes a copy of the e-book ‘Connected Kids’ and attendance at the online certification classroom sessions.

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Remember – You will have lifetime access to our online resources and exclusive (online) groups to support your teaching practise and full access to the online self-study course materials for 12 months (extensions are available).  PLUS – you will participate in our exclusive virtual classroom to gain certification.

*VAT is a UK tax – you may be able to claim this back on your self assessment.  Check with your tax office/accountant.  

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Corporate multi-user course access

We offer multi-user access for our courses which can save your organisation up to 50% off the individual cost price.  Please contact us for details.

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“I’m really enjoying the course I had a mini try with some actual kids a few weeks back. I was doing an art session with a group of 6 year 1 & 2 children. I tried doing a simple meditation before we started, just focusing on the breath. All the children participated quite naturally. The children all worked quietly, absorbed in their artwork and drew some beautiful pictures.”