COVID-19 – Connected Kids

Face to Face training protocols for Connected Kids training programme – foundation/professional

(as at 29th July 2020)

As the world still experiences the impact of COVID-19, we wanted to give you some clear information about the steps we are taking here at Connected Kids with regards to our training programme and teaching meditation services.

Since the pandemic we have postponed face to face training and were waiting to see how world events developed around this pandemic.

2020 is the last year that the Connected Kids founder, Lorraine E Murray, will offer face to face training.   Other trainers (who have progressed along our Connected Kids programme) will be able to offer face to face training (hopefully) in 2020 and in future years.

Our online training programme has been well received by people worldwide who want to learn how to teach their kids meditation or train to teach meditation professionally.

However in September 2020 we have a *final, face to face training date that Lorraine Murray (founder) will offer.

This face to face training will take place at the Violet Hill Studios in North London (5 minute walk from Maida vale tube station).  We have worked with this venue for years and they have have published protocols for people using the centre – you can view these here.

In these face to face sessions, we have worked with this venue to maximise safety and minimise any concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus.

These steps include:

  • providing masks, hand sanitiser and wipes (for door handles etc) for all attendees
  • *protocols that students must follow to minimise contracting  or spreading the virus (see below)
  • reducing student group size to ensure social distancing rules in England and Scotland that apply
  • checking temperature of students pre, during and post course attendance.
  • unfortuantely we won’t be able to provide refreshments at the course – students will be adviced to bring their own refreshments and take any rubbish with them on leaving the course.
  • there will be no distrubution or sharing of materials at the course

face to face training protocols

Pre-attendance of workshops

We will email you a short questionnaire and consent form regarding your health and wellbeing in preparation for the course.  This will be kept on our files for a maximum of 21 days following the final training date you attend.

We will ask you to adhere to the instructions below to ensure that you and the trainer are safe during this training workshop.

Should you report any symptoms pre/during the training, we will offer the option of online training or a refund of the course.

Attendance at workshop

  • max number of 6 students in attendance
  • no written materials will be given out at the time of training – these will be emailed/posted to each student in advance (student will bring these to class)
  • students will have the option to wear a face mask during class
  • seating will be positioned 2 metres apart from each student and the trainer
  • hand sanitiser to be used both entering and leaving the teaching space/training centre
  • students to bring own cushions/mats (we will provide chairs that will be wiped down between teaching days) – you will keep to the same chair each day.
  • we will use anti-bacterial wipes to for chairs and door handles/regular contact points – each break time and pre/post training
  • we will take a temperature check of each student at the start and end of each training day
  • there are bathroom facilities and each student will be asked to use the provided bacterial wipes for handles and any surfaces they touch.
  • we will ask students to report any symptoms outlined here to us as a matter of urgency
  • we will only share your details with covid-19 agencies for track and trace if there has been a report of symptoms from those in attendance at the workshop.
  • we will be unable to offer refreshments and will ask each student to bring their own drinking water/cup/tea etc.
  • students will not be permitted to eat in the training centre.


post attendance at workshop

Students will be asked to report to connected kids ltd if they notice any COVID-19 symptoms within the 2 weeks following their attendance at the training centre for the connected kids face to face training.

We know that these are extraordinary times and hope you can understand why these strict procedures are in place.  While we love teaching online, there is something very special about our teaching space and experience at the centre.  I hope you can join us.




*Please note that we have  dates set for Ruth Pringle who is offering face to face training in Belfast and Dublin in 2020.  Although you can register your interest in the dates provided at these venues – please check with her directly re COVID-19 protocols (as each trainer works independently and is responsible for their own COVID-19 training protocols).