Talk to the Founder of Connected Kids

The consultation gives you the opportunity to have 121 time to ask questions about teaching meditation, such as…

  • how to motivate young people to practise meditation
  • how to create child-centered meditations to interest young people (and keep them focussed!)
  • how to teach meditation (so it works successfully each time!)
  • how to access practical resources, good ideas and an online community with the same intention as you.
  • how to develop your plans to take this into your community, family and workplace in a way that reflects your needs and interests.

Each call is a max of 45 minutes.  After the live, online consultation, we’ll send you a recording of a mini-backstage tour of our connected kids programme modules.

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Lorraine is an expert and author, who has worked with kids of all ages and abilities including those with SEN, autism, ADHD and trauma.

The zoom session takes place online  – all you need is your phone/computer and an internet connection!